Category PropTech
Acquired—Divested 2020Active
Segment Connected Buildings 5G LoRaWAN

Netmore Group is a publicly listed dedicated IoT operator that drives digitalization by connecting properties and enables property networks, provides open access 5G networks to asset owners, and enable massive IoT connectivity by rolling out nationwide LoRaWAN infrastructure.

The network infrastructure is purpose-built to serve the different key players that drive the development in the new era in which billions of devices will need robust, secure and reliable connectivity the next decades.

The company takes role as an IoT enabler and work together with partners in a collaborative effort to contribute to the digitalization which changes society for the better.

Recent (2020-2021) key highlights for the company includes breakthrough deals in IoT, initiation of international rollout for the IoT network, strategic 5G partnerships on the property market, and establishment of joint-venture investments in the rollout of the company’s flagship product Netmore Proptech Node.