Category PropTech
Acquired—Divested 2014Active
Segment Crowdfunding FinTech Property

Tessin was founded in 2014 and is now the leading digital investment platform in the Nordic property financing segment in terms of brokered capital. The business is based on a proprietary digital platform that connects property developers seeking loan financing with investors seeking exposure to a high-return asset class with balanced risk and secured by collateral, primarily property mortgages. At the end of 2020, Tessin’s 55,000 registered members had raised more than SEK 2.7 billion in financing distributed amongst 250 real estate projects.

Tessin primarily offers construction and bridge loans to small and medium-sized property companies and property developers. The loans are funded through the Tessin platform by a syndicate of private, professional and institutional investors who are given the opportunity to invest in secured real estate loans with attractive yields. Tessin currently operates in Sweden and Finland.